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Friday, January 27, 2006

A Post Not About the Elections

Shalom! I'm sorry it's been a couple of days, the wireless that we get in our apt from some unknown location is not working. But I'm here at "The Coffee Shop" sipping a yummy coffee and dropping an update. I am really feeling like I'm settling into a routine and getting to know people and all of that. My classes are going wonderfully - I'm learning everything from the useful, the fascinating, the fascinating but useless, and the confusing and relatively useless but with good intentions in mind. Yesterday, I went to the shuk (open market) for the first time. I bought a kilo of kumquats for 10 shekels, and the person that I asked in Hebrew if they were good, and how to eat them, wasn't lying when she said that they are quite tasty and you can eat the peel! I hadn't been downtown since my trip to Israel in 2000, but Ben Yehuda street was as lively as I remember. I can't believe they let us loose there as 15 year olds, but I suppose we all made it back to the bus. I took the bus back, and it was a nice, shaky stop and go ride that I got to take standing up. I think the highlight was when we stopped short and my cellphone slipped out of my hand into the lap of the seated couple that I was sitting next to. I could see "stupid American" written all over their faces, but they were quite nice. Yesterday afternoon I met the coordinator of the place where I will be doing my community service project. It's a community center about 10 minutes from school that offers a lot of services and programs for the low-income neighborhood. I am going to be working one on one each week with a student (the same each week), helping him or her with English homework. Michal, the coordinator, is going to try to find me someone a bit older, whose English will be better, so that I don't have to rely solely on my Hebrew to communicate. Other Pardes students who volunteer there say it is lots of fun, and I'm definitely looking forward to it. Last night, the Pardes students who are going on the trip to Poland did a sushi dinner fundraiser. Someone who had lived in Japan gave a talk about proper chopstick ettiquite. DO NOT stick your chopstick upright in your is an offering to the dead. That one is crucial, the others were more minor, if you are really curious than I can send you the list. Apartment-wise, Deborah and I spent a disgusting amount of time today buying kitchen stuff. We were having a hard time selling plates, but we found out that plates are out of season right now, and that more won't be ordered until before Passover, when people buy an extra set to use so that they don't have to make their regular dishes kosher. Who knew there was a dish season? I really like Fridays here, everyone is chill, even though all of the stores are very busy. The atmosphere is just different. Even people who don't observe Shabbat strictly get things done on Fridays and just sort of chill out. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, Shabbat Shalom!


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Also Japanese, do not lie down after you eat or you will become a cow. Have a good weekend, Love ya

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