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Monday, January 30, 2006

Like Spinning Plates

Good morning! I am waking up after my second night of sleeping in my own bed! My landlord finally came to deliver the second bed on Sunday night. Not that Deborah and I didn't enjoy the closeness, but, my own bed is nice too. And...we have plates and soup bowls! I'm proud of this one - I left Pardes during lunch yesterday, around 1:45, and was starting to walk towards the store, when I saw a group of vendors. I went over to check it out, and as I walked down, I suddenly found myself in the middle of a huge shuk! Apparently, they set up there every Monday, with everything from shoes and clothing to toys, judaica, and kitchen stuff! I managed to bargain and get 8 plates and 7 bowls for 92 shekels, which is about $20. I'm guessing they don't bounce when you drop them on the floor. I didn't want to bring them all the way back up to Pardes, so I decided to walk them home. I am a 15 minute walk, I left at 2 and had to be back at 2:30 for class, so it counted as my workout for the day. In fact, when I made it back for class, right on time, my teacher asked me if I had been at the gym! I joined a gym, by the way. It's cool, I feel like a real person, not a tourist. It's an all women's gym, with machines, spinning, aerobics, belly dancing, and all of that cool stuff. No tap dance, I'll have to pursue that elsewhere. Shabbat was cool, I forgot to write about that. One highlight was Saturday morning, we went to a synagogue called Yakar, which has really beautiful singing. After the service ended, they announced that a group of people would be going to visit the sick. Deborah and I went along, and a group of us went to a hospital for elderly people who cannot take care of themselves, and don't really seem to know what is going on. We wished them Shabbat Shalom and sang songs and did a lot of smiling, because they didn't all speak English or even Hebrew, but it was really nice. Not much else to report right now, I guess I'll post again when we find a can opener and salt & pepper shakers!


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