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Monday, January 16, 2006

Getting "Psyched"

I'm going to skip telling you about the rest of my Shabbat. It was lovely, but there will probably be others much like it that I'll want to tell you about. In the meantime, do I have a story for you! For HUC I am required to have a psychological interview, just to make sure I have all of my marbles (or at least most). I worked out a day with the psychologist before I left, but I called her back on Sunday to work out a time. She called back with a message that the test has to be moved to Tuesday, instead of Wednesday. I mentioned this to my Talmud, or Jewish law, teacher, because it was during her class, and she was not very happy with me missing the first day. I'm not too happy either, because I got put in a higher level than I had expected, because of my Hebrew ability, even though I don't have any background in Talmud. The first day was going to help the new people catch up, and it's just not good for me to miss it. I called the psychologist and left a message to see if I could reschedule. In the meantime, I spent the afternoon after the orientation just walking around the Baka neighorbood with some people who are all looking for apartments. We had called a woman on Friday with an apartment that was unfurnished (and therefore not ideal) and she said she would call back to schedule a time for us to look. Someone gave us the advice that we should look for ads on bus stations, so we walked around doing that and killing time until 8:00, when a Pardes student was having a welcome party that we were all planning on going to. My cell phone rang, and it was a woman who didn't introduce herself, and whom I could barely hear. She said something about setting up a time, and that she could do it at 8:00 pm, so I figured it was Dorit, the psychologist. I got the address, and asked if I should bring anything, and how long it would take, and she said it would take 15 minutes. I was happy to hear that her office was very close to the party, so I could just swing by, do the psych thing and then meet up with everyone. I hadn't eaten dinner because there was going to be food at the party, but I decided to stop and get some food because I wanted to be in good shape for the interview. At the cafe, around 7:30, my phone rings, and it is Dorit, the psychologist, saying that she got my message and that she is sorry, but my test has to be on Tuesday morning. Huh?????!!!!! Whomever I spoke to before was not Dorit! I checked the number in my phone, and compared it to the people that I had called, and I realized that the person who had called me while I was walking was the woman I called on Friday about the apartment. No wonder she sounded strange when I asked her what to bring, how long it would take, and that I was calling her Dorit and thanking her profusely for agreeing to meet with me at 8:00! I called her back and cancelled, because we really do need a furnished place anyway. But even better, is to imagine what would have happened if I had actually shown up at this woman's house, thinking I was there to take a psychological exam. At least, I would have been confused as to why she was showing me her kitchen and bathroom! The thing is, I can't really blame that on Jerusalem or Hebrew, minus that I am looking for an apartment, but it was definitely an entertaining situation. Other than that, I took my first bus ride and my first cab ride. The cab ride was because I stared so long at the bus going back, trying to figure out if it was the right one, that it closed the door and started to drive away. I knocked on the door, but it was a timid American knock, not a hearty Israeli bang. It was a good learning experience though - I've never even hailed a cab by myself in the U.S.! In conclusion, arrange all of your psych evaluations in writing, and in Israel, point your finger out and down, not up, to get a cab :-)


Blogger DOS said...

Are you trying to gather material for a sitcom? Have your people call my people.

BTW, as a former cab driver, I would have stopped for any finger in any direction.

1/16/2006 06:40:00 PM  
Blogger Auntie Anne said...

It would have been funny if you showed up with your bathrobe and fuzzy slippers and sat on the couch, to try out the apt.( I think I know who dos is)

1/16/2006 10:34:00 PM  
Blogger sos said...

Hi Sara! It's Rachel, I figured an "os" name was mandatory. :) I promise to send you an e-mail soon. I hope I can handle the assertive, bad-tuchas Israeli Sara!

1/17/2006 01:29:00 PM  

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